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Black Base With White Leather Sleeves

This 2020 OurCity Varsity Jackets is made from high quality red melton wool, genuine red cowhide leather sleeves and genuine white cowhide leather shoulder inserts. OurCity Varsity Jackets have a high quality acrylic knit on cuff, collar and waistband as well as varsity snaps on the front closure. Also OurCity varsity jackets come with two slash pockets outside and one inside chest pocket.

High quality thick quilted lining inside that keeps you warm. Two front leather pockets and one inside leather pocket. Matching knit, pockets and snaps.

Red OurCity Varsity Jacket Features:

Red Melton Wool Body
Red Genuine Cowhide Leather Sleeves
Genuine Cowhide Leather Shoulder Inserts
1x1 acrylic knit on collar cuffs and waistband
Snap Front Closure
Quilted Lining Inside
Two Slash Pockets on front
One Internal leather chest pocket

Wash and Care

Brush your jacket gently with a suede soft brush. After wearing your jacket, you can clean your jacket using a lint brush before hanging it in a closet. This will remove any surface soil or lint present on the jacket.
Always use a plastic or a wooden sturdy and broad hanger to hang your jacket so the weight of the jacket does not stretch the shoulder areas out of shape. Hang your jacket in a well-ventilated area to keep the jacket dry and avoiding any moisture on the leather and wool. If storing the jacket for long, we recommend wrapping the body and leather separately for maintaining the jacket shape.
Don't leave the wool wet, dry the melton wool immediately to avoid any color bleeding or permanent loss to your jacket. If blot spills on wool immediately sop up the moisture using heavy paper towels or absorbent cloths and do not rub the spill. Rubbing will spread the liquid and push it deeper into the wool. If the substance spilled contains natural or chemical pigments (wine, ink, chocolate or coffee), consult a professional dry-cleaning company for what to do after blotting the liquid.
For normal use, we will suggest drying cleaned your jackets once or twice yearly. It is preferred to dry cleaned your jackets at the beginning and end of the season. If wool jackets become exceptionally dirty for some reason, you may need to have them professionally cleaned more often.


If you can avoid ironing a wool jacket, do so. If you've brought the jacket out of storage and let it hang for a while yet it still has wrinkles, iron on a cool setting. Place the jacket on your ironing board or a flat, clean surface, such as a table. Place a sheet or pillowcase over the wool jacket to protect it from the iron's surface. Use steam for best results.\
Cowhide Leather
Don't leave the leather wet, dry the leather immediately to avoid any color bleeding or permanent loss to your jacket. We do not process the leather with heavy chemicals and keep the leather natural and soft that's why it's more sensitive any may pick other strong colors.
Clean Cowhide leather using a soft, dampened sponge or cloth. Rub the leather gently in a circle until it disappears.
Use leather lotions on the sleeves and trims using the same small circles method and then dry the leather gently with a soft cloth.
A moist baby wipe can be use to clean the inner lining of your Leather letterman jacket.
Don't try to iron the leather jacket directly.

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